Work-from-Home Life Hacks from a Virtual Virtuoso

Freelance on the beachBefore I joined this wonderful company back in March of 2016, I worked in a regular office four days a week (for over 38 years!) and worked virtually one day a week for the past ten years.  That one day a week hooked me on the virtual office concept and I knew I was motivated and driven enough to make it work for me.  When the opportunity with Rudish Executive Search presented itself, I knew that I would finally have the chance to work in a truly virtual office environment every day of the week.

There are a multitude of advantages to working virtually.  One of the best advantages is that your virtual office space can be totally personal and completely customized to your wants and needs.

You can make this space work for you to increase your productivity, avoid boredom, and help you maintain a work-life balance.  Here are some of my favorite ways to personalize my space:

The standing desk.  One of my favorite personal tools is the standing desk.  This works for me to help increase my productivity by being on my feet and being able to access files, printer, etc., easily and quickly without rolling around on a chair.  My agility has improved a great deal as I’m active during my day and being active keeps me alert and functioning at an optimal level. Standing at a desk for eight hours or more a day is also a great way to avoid the “sitting is the new smoking” warning that we’re all hearing about now.  It also helps you to leave your office at the end of the day and be sure to keep your work-life balance in mind.

Work with a wireless headset.  This has proven to give me a wonderful advantage as it provides me with the flexibility to move around easily and still be in touch.

Motivational music.  Another personal favorite is that I have my own choice of motivational music on in the background.  It happens to be rock and roll and, as scientific studies have shown, it really does energize and stimulate me throughout the day.   No one else has to hear it but me.

My own space.  Being able to re-arrange your office can also be a great motivator because you get to shake things up and feel like you’re in a whole new office.  This also takes some of the boredom of the “same old, same old” out of your everyday routine.  Some people re-arrange their office layout seasonally to take advantage of the natural light which can help energize them.

Doing whatever you want and whenever you want with your office makes for a major advantage of the virtual office workspace.  It takes autonomy to a whole new level and lets you be ruler of your domain in ways that most office jobs don’t allow.

I’m off to crank up that music and turn that “To Do” list into a “Done” list.

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