How to Create an Award Winning Life

Miami buildingsAfter retiring from decades of big firm consulting a few years ago, I knew I wanted to stay in the game. But in what position? On which team? And even, which game?

Once I decided to stay with my career-long passion of Healthcare, I wrote myself an email, with a bullet-pointed bucket list of professional asks:

Be your own boss:
• Freedom
• Flexibility
• Creativity

Choose your own people:
• Old Colleagues
• New Up & Comers
• Unexpected Connections


Travel on your terms

No financial limits

Sustainable work over time
• Full throttle now
• Find your cruising altitude
• Ease up later or never

 Have FUN!

That email was definitely a dream big moment for me. Today, less than three years later, I’ve created a unique network of interrelated start up healthcare firms, working with inspiring professionals and having the time of my life.

Want to create an award winning life? Write an email to yourself. Follow up on your dreams.

Oh, and we won another award. Top 50 Life Sciences & Healthcare Search Firms 2017. Thank you to everyone on our great team: Helping our clients innovate, transform and lead.

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Thoughts on “How to Create an Award Winning Life”

  1. I am so done with the game. It was never about ego for me. It was all about the competition.

    Looking forward to rarely traveling and not knowing what day of the week it is. Time to ride motorcycles, smell the roses and watch my kids enjoy life.

    Take care

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