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men holding the cubesRudish Health Solution’s President and CEO, Russ Rudish sat down with High Performance Counsel (HPC) to talk about key lessons in leadership. Russ draws on a rich and successful career in consulting including top global leadership posts in the majors.

HPC:  From who or what do you draw inspiration as a leader?
Russ:  From mentors in companies I have worked at; and from others, generally in the public domain, that I have observed.

HPC:  What do you think are the most important leadership qualities in today’s world?
Russ:  Honesty and trust.

HPC:  Would you care to share your greatest failure – and what you learned?
Russ:  Too numerous to pick just one: learnings are (1) do your homework/be as fact based as possible; (2) pick the right leaders.

HPC:  What has been you most satisfying success as a leader?
Russ:  Helping others grow in their roles and succeed.

HPC:  What advice would you give to the younger generation contemplating law as a career?
Russ:  Make sure it is your passion and not someone else’s idea (perhaps your parents).

HPC:  Do you think the leadership in law is ready for change?
Russ:  Yes, but they are amongst the slowest, most conservative of professions for obvious reasons.

HPC:  Is more – or different – leadership required? In what ways?
Russ:  There is always the need for more leadership. Areas would include client relationship management and HR issues.

HPC:  How deep do you think will be the inroads of technology in the industry?
Russ:  More than can be contemplated; as much or more than other professions.

HPC:  Do you think professional ethics are challenged by so much change in the legal industry?
Russ:  Yes, but this is nothing new, although likely accelerated and more complicated


This article was originally published on High Performance Counsel’s website and can be seen here:  On #LegalLeadership: Healthcare CEO Russ Rudish Speaks To High Performance Counsel

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