Our 4 Keys to Virtual Success

Business People Working with Technology ConceptAs virtual employees, we face challenges not presented in the traditional workspace. Rudish Health Solutions continues to innovate and evaluate how we can improve and streamline our operations. We’ve narrowed it down to four essential keys:


  • Over-Communicate! As a virtual company, we don’t have the luxury of daily face-to-face interactions. Instead, we rely on over-communicating to ensure everyone is on the same page professionally. It is also hugely important to really listen to our co-workers, so that everyone feels heard and validated;


  • Self-Motivate! Our colleagues are spread across the country, not looking over each others’ shoulders. Working from home does not provide the same “all in this together” type attitude that permeates a traditional office. Simply put, no one is babysat. We all need to be self-motivating and independent to make sure our work gets done;


  • Organize! Given our relatively few in-person interactions, strong organizational skills are essential: we utilize every moment we have. Promoting successful self-management and ensuring everyone is prepared for our meetings is absolutely vital;


  • Collaborate and Trust! Collaboration is the secret ingredient of virtual companies. Creatively sharing responsibilities and goals allows us to spread our workload across time zones and working hours most effectively. Achieving true collaboration requires a high degree of trust, not just with our thoughts and opinions, but also with our projects and expertise.


As you can see, technology plays a large part in our virtual success; in it’s current form, Rudish Health Solutions simply wouldn’t be viable without the likes of email, virtual conferencing, and cloud-based resources. Trust in our co-workers’ communication, preparedness, organization and collaboration, however, holds the real key to meeting and exceeding the challenges of the virtual workplace.


The Bottom Line: Humans make it happen…but technology helps!

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