The Interview Tango

by Mike Ells, Director Client Services, Rudish Executive Search

It takes two to tango. Before they can step out onto a smoky Buenos Aires dance floor, however, before they even arrive at the venue and warm-up, a couple needs to have spent weeks or months or years individually practicing and perfecting their form. The … Continue reading “The Interview Tango”

Works and Days, Family-Style

by Russ Rudish, President & CEO, Rudish Health Solutions

In the 1960s, we lived behind the hardware store my parents owned in Queens, NY. My dad was a very sweet man who extended lots of credit, and beneath the counter a cigar box overflowed with the penciled chits he wrote for neighbors and tradesmen while my mom frowned behind … Continue reading “Works and Days, Family-Style”

Recruiter’s Corner: The Myth of the Perfect Candidate

by Eve Charny, Vice President, Client Management, Rudish Executive Search

Fellow recruiters, how many times a week do you: • identify a candidate’s background/get a referral/receive a resume; • have that preliminary discussion with a candidate; • and then rapidly announce to team peers: “Hey, I’ve found the perfect candidate”? Hopefully never. That … Continue reading “Recruiter’s Corner: The Myth of the Perfect Candidate”

Our 4 Keys to Virtual Success

by Toby Nathan, Senior Recruitment Consultant, Rudish Executive Search

As virtual employees, we face challenges not presented in the traditional workspace. Rudish Health Solutions continues to innovate and evaluate how we can improve and streamline our operations. We’ve narrowed it down to four essential keys:   Over-Communicate! As a virtual company, we don’t … Continue reading “Our 4 Keys to Virtual Success”

On Leadership

Rudish Health Solution’s President and CEO, Russ Rudish sat down with High Performance Counsel (HPC) to talk about key lessons in leadership. Russ draws on a rich and successful career in consulting including top global leadership posts in the majors. HPC:  From who or what do you draw inspiration as a leader? Russ:  From mentors in … Continue reading “On Leadership”

New Opportunities Are Waiting For You

Rudish Executive Search connects premier healthcare organizations worldwide with experienced, highly skilled professionals.  We currently have 2 prestigious clients looking for finance professionals.  If you are interested in these opportunities and match the qualifications, please email Nancy DeMoss at   Associate Vice President of Finance, College of Medicine – Midwest Position Summary:  The AVP … Continue reading “New Opportunities Are Waiting For You”

The Key: Loving Your Job

by Meghann Salus, Senior Recruitment Consultant, Rudish Executive Search

I walked into my first interview for my first job with an executive search firm in 2006. I’d just moved back from Italy, and before that, had worked as a musician. I wore rings on every finger. I sat at the huge mahogany table, … Continue reading “The Key: Loving Your Job”

We Won Another Award!

Rudish Health Solutions is proud to announce that we’ve been recognized as a top 50 Life Sciences & Healthcare Search Firm for 2017. Our great team focuses solely on healthcare and life sciences in the following arenas through our affiliated companies: • Executive Search: Rudish Executive Search • Interim Management & Financial Consulting: Rudish Consulting … Continue reading “We Won Another Award!”

How to Create an Award Winning Life

by Russ Rudish, President & CEO, Rudish Health Solutions

After retiring from decades of big firm consulting a few years ago, I knew I wanted to stay in the game. But in what position? On which team? And even, which game? Once I decided to stay with my career-long passion of Healthcare, I wrote myself an … Continue reading “How to Create an Award Winning Life”

Mentoring at its Finest

by Toby Nathan, Senior Consultant, Rudish Executive Search

Over my career, I have found that having a mentor can be just as rewarding as being one. Being a mentor involves not only providing career advice and guidance, but offers the opportunity to help someone grow as an individual.  When you make the investment … Continue reading “Mentoring at its Finest”