The Interview Tango

by Mike Ells, Director Client Services, Rudish Executive Search

It takes two to tango. Before they can step out onto a smoky Buenos Aires dance floor, however, before they even arrive at the venue and warm-up, a couple needs to have spent weeks or months or years individually practicing and perfecting their form. The … Continue reading “The Interview Tango”

Recruiter’s Corner: The Myth of the Perfect Candidate

by Eve Charny, Vice President, Client Management, Rudish Executive Search

Fellow recruiters, how many times a week do you: • identify a candidate’s background/get a referral/receive a resume; • have that preliminary discussion with a candidate; • and then rapidly announce to team peers: “Hey, I’ve found the perfect candidate”? Hopefully never. That … Continue reading “Recruiter’s Corner: The Myth of the Perfect Candidate”

New Opportunities Are Waiting For You

Rudish Executive Search connects premier healthcare organizations worldwide with experienced, highly skilled professionals.  We currently have 2 prestigious clients looking for finance professionals.  If you are interested in these opportunities and match the qualifications, please email Nancy DeMoss at   Associate Vice President of Finance, College of Medicine – Midwest Position Summary:  The AVP … Continue reading “New Opportunities Are Waiting For You”

The Key: Loving Your Job

by Meghann Salus, Senior Recruitment Consultant, Rudish Executive Search

I walked into my first interview for my first job with an executive search firm in 2006. I’d just moved back from Italy, and before that, had worked as a musician. I wore rings on every finger. I sat at the huge mahogany table, … Continue reading “The Key: Loving Your Job”